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Friday, April 4, 2014

Greg . . . Paul. . .gone but not forgotten

Lots of things have happened since I last put my thoughts on my blog.

My brother-in-law, Melvin Gregory Martin, passed away from brain cancer on Christmas day.  Greg was a good man and we spent many, many hours at the hospital with he, Rachel and the kids.  It was a hard time, but also a good time as we all drew closer to the Lord and to one another. 
Together we fought the battle rather than succumbing to defeat . . .we decided to stand together as servants of the Lord and allow Him to give us victory over the circumstances we could not change.  The Lord was faithful to help us.  We had many times of worship at Greg’s bedside as he was going through hospitals and all kinds of treatments.  Greg was able to keep his contact with the Lord.  He kept his spirit right toward the Lord and was willing to allow the Lord to give him strength daily. His wife, Rachel, was there at his side most all the time. . .his son, Eric was a soldier helping his father keep focus during the really rough times. ..Joanie and Bethany were there lifting him up too.  Greg’s whole family and their spouses were wonderful blessings to Greg during his final journey home.

Greg’s funeral was December 31st, 2013.  It was attended by many as he was well loved by all.  He always was able to make people laugh with his stories and he had many, many songs from the Lord which blessed God’s people through the years.

Melvin Gregory Martin  1952 – 2013

Then two days after Greg’s funeral, our other brother-in-law, Paul Davis, was killed when his car spun out of control on ice.

George Wirth ( my daddy) and Paul Davis at Sarah’s wedding in 2002

He died a few hours after the accident which was a real shock to our family and his wife. We all hurried to Mt. Carmel, IL for his funeral. Paul had been a minister most of his life. He had retired and worked a small cattle farm for the last few years in Kentucky.  Many people came to support Willa Mae, his wife, and his son, Brad and family. It was a sweet service.

Rachel & Greg Martin / Paul & Willa Mae Davis at the family reunion of 2013.

So in just a few days we had lost the youngest and the oldest Peach girl’s husbands to death.
God is helping them both in their loss. 
After Paul’s funeral on Saturday Tom and I went to visit a couple of my aunts. We took Hannah and Denny Wirth with us and it was a fun evening. The weather was crisply cool and we all laughed and sang songs or talked about days gone by. On the way back to Jon’s house we bought some pizza and chips and enjoyed visiting with our family the rest of the evening. 

During the night I started hurting really badly. . .and the pain just kept increasing . . .all night I tossed and turned. . .used a heating pad. . .took something for pain. . .but I just kept getting worse.

By morning I was so bad my family was really worried for me.
They felt I should go to the hospital and I was so sick I didn’t know what to do. . . I was so full of pain I really couldn’t focus.
By the time I let them take me to the hospital I was really in bad shape!
The emergency room got right to work on me and found me full of infection.
They started helping me right away with pain killers and I really don’t know what all because I was too out of it.
Tom, Jon and Brenda were right there with me and praying for me.  Others came and sat waiting and praying for me in the waiting room.

In Texas it was found I had a cancerous tumor and some other problems they weren’t sure about.  I spent a week in the hospital and then after I was pretty infection free I was sent to another hospital to have more testing.   Long story –short, I decided to not have surgery or treatment but to trust God with my life . . .
but that’s a story for another day.


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