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Saturday, July 12, 2014

News and Updates!
Well folks, so many things have happened since my last
post I don't really know where to start.
For one thing, We've had another grandbaby.
Kyle Stanley Peach
9 lbs. 14 oz. H
He took his time getting here but was worth the wait.
Becky and Stan took him home to be loved and
cherished by his big brother, Jesse,
and his four sisters, Brooklyn, Jillian, Kathryn and Emily.
He always has an arm waiting to hold him.
Then, we had little Brenley Wirth, our niece.
She was born with Robin-pierre and proved herself
to be a real winner - she had to go through surgery in the first few weeks of her life - but she
made it and is gaining ground daily.
She was in the hospital for several weeks but
by the grace of God and the prayers of God's people the doctors were able to help her by operating on her jaw.
She is finally home by her big brother, Jon Wayne, and the rest of her extended family. She is blessed with loads of love from every direction!
Here Brenley is with her mommy, Sami, and her daddy, Sam. 
And by herself after surgery. . .she now has NO tubes or wires. . .praise God!

Then just one more note of accomplishment. . .
I, YES! . . .Karen Peach. . .have been trying to ride my
bicycle from six (6) to nine (9) miles daily!
Yes, women can wear a skirt, an hair-up-do, long sleeves and still ride a bicycle at sixty-one years of age. . . 
AND enjoy it!
While Joey Wirth was in town he rode with me a couple of days.
 On Sunday's or rainy days I usually don't get the full six to nine miles . . .but I try for at least two.
Now Tom is riding with me when he's not too busy.
We used to go bike riding together as kids, now we
are old married people (44 years in August) and we're riding together again.
Love is a wonderful thing to share with your sweetheart.
Some folks take a cruise
but we'll just settle for a bike ride. ;D

Here's a great song that has blessed my heart in the past few months. . .
I CAN PRAY! by the Perry's.


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