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Friday, July 25, 2014

Denny’s party was a BIG surprise!

He didn’t expect it at all. . .our cousin,
Jerry Sager, his daughter, Michelle, her son, Jaden and his son’s daughter, Abby came from the Ft. Worth area.  We were so happy they
came and stayed over for another meal last night.

Janet was the main organizer for the event’s food and it was delicious.  She worked harder and longer than anyone but we had several people help us prepare and clean up the church dining room afterward. Lots of folks were there to help celebrate!

The most heard statement, besides “Happy Birthday” was, “Denny, I can’t believe you are really 60!  You look so much younger!”

God is good.

This is Dad, George Wirth with Denny when he was just about 19 years old at Galveston, TX 



Tomorrow is Travis Easton’s birthday. . .he will be four!

He is one bundle of energy. . .always wanting to figure how things are put together or taken apart. . .he’s is ALL boy for sure. . .loves dirt,

Mud puddles. . .climbing. . .teasing. . .snatching things from his siblings. . .

Bugs. . .dogs. . .food. . .life.

He is very excited about his birthday coming and reminds me each time I see him.

Here is a cute video of him with his Papaw videoing the event.



Happy Birthday, Dear Travis!

And many more.

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