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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Peace and Face Paints

This is a picture of Laura at the Peach Family
Christmas dinner Saturday. 
She was in "dreamland" for sure.  Santa (in background) had just given her a paint set.  She had been so excited all week just thinking about getting to see Santa!

Well. . .Saturday night at church Bro. Nate Patrick got up and gave a wonderful message on being at peace with God.  He told us at one time in his life he was very racial, but how God gave him peace.  He noted that he was the only black man in the congregation that night, but he felt peace about it.Then he said he wanted to share a story about Bro. Chad and Sis. Sarah's beautiful little girl, Laura Jean. He told how before service she had come up and excitedly said to him,
"Guess what, I saw Santa today!" 
He said, "You did! What did he give you?" 
She said, "A paint set. . .so you can paint your face. . ."
Bro. Patrick said she then  looked at his face color and her eyes got big as she continued. . .
"but if your face is already painted it won't work. . .the paint won't show!" 

He said it was so innocent and beautiful. He laughed so hard.  He said he was so thankful God had given him peace so he didn't have to be offended by things that weren't meant to offend.

Laura in the pretty new skirt Aunt Janet made for her.

It is my desire to enjoy the peace that Jesus has given me. . .to not allow innocent things people say or thoughts they express to take away my peace.  I want to learn to embrace and savor this wonderful peace. . . To take things in the spirit they were said and not take issue with every little thing by making more out of it than was meant.  

Note: This story is told the way I remember it, not a word for word exact quotation. . . but close.

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