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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Introducing Kimberly Jo. . .Don't forget about me!

Kimberly Jo is one of those kids who walks into the room and says with her body language, "Here I am and I'm not going to let you forget about me!"  She's tough and determined.  She might be third born, but she
isn't going to let you push her around just because you're bigger than she is.  She can hold her own.

This was a picture of her at her Aunt Janet's house after Travis was born.  She stayed a few days with Janet and Sam and had a great time!  She was the ONLY KID and absolutely glowed in all the attention.
She is usually a real sweetheart. 

At Aunt Janet's house after Travis was born.
Kimmie also reminds me of my mom. . .but she looks a lot like a baby picture we have of Mary Cooley.  Mom and Mary don't look at all the same but somehow Kimberly looks a little like them both.

Kimmie loves to wear her high-heeled dress up shoes and talk on her play cell phone.
She will try to copy everything she sees the "big kids" do.

Here's a video clip of her helping "clean up" after our Thanksgiving reunion.
She worketh willingly with her hands.  What strength!

We knew early on she was going to be intellectual...at least her glasses gave that impression.

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