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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Something about Jilly

I want to tell you about my second "grand child",  Jillian Rebecca Peach.  She reminds me so much of my mother.  She has eyes that sparkle and snap like Mom's. 
 If she's happy their sparkle sings a song to your heart. . .
if she's mad they snap a "How Dare You".
With her mother's long slender body style, she's a beauty.

Jilly has a love for spelling. . .she pesters you to play a game of
 "You give me a word and I'll spell it. . .just give me a word. . .
come on PaPaw just give me any word. . ."  
When she was only five we were at a Pizza place that had a big screen TV showing the National Spelling Bee.  She was so interested in listening to the contest. 
The other kids were all laughing and talking but she was focused on the contest.  
She even remembered how to spell the words they'd miss. 
Each time a contestant would be given a word, she would tense up. . . 
if they got it correct she'd sigh and relax. 
It was really impressive for a five year old.

Jilly loves to eat tomatoes and carrots. . .really vegetables and fruit of all kinds.  If I have a tray of candy bars and she sees some cherry tomatoes on the cabinet she will ask if she can have the tomatoes.  Stan's kids all love apples.  Jesse loves to eat the entire apple, core and seeds included!

Another great "love" of Jilly's is dogs.  She loves to play like you're a dog. . .she loves to play like she's a dog. . .she begs the kids to play dog and when they won't she gets very upset with them.  (This is one of those times her eyes snap!) I really think she might end up a vet.  She has lots and lots of dog toys. . .dog movies. . .etc.  She just doesn't get tired of them. 

Jilly gets so deeply into her thoughts she sometimes is not aware of what is going on around her. . .she's in her own world.  She loves reading and she's great at memorizing scriptures.  She is learning to play the piano and doing very well.  Her long fingers can make those difficult stretches. 

Anyway, I just wanted you to meet such a lovely little lady.

Brooklyn - Jilly 2010

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