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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Favorite Funny Christmas Video

This video is of Doug and Rachel's boys, Paul, Joey and Daniel. 
(I can't remember the little girl's name.)
This video was taken at the church in Springville, Alabama.
We enjoy it every Christmas and many times in between.
Caution: Viewers should be ready for a good belly laugh.


JeeperWeepers said...

That is too funny Sis. Peach. Thank you for sharing that! I have enjoyed reading about your "grands", and they truly are grand! Did I understand you right that all 3 boys on the back row are theirs?

Grandma said...

All three boys are Doug's and he has one more that was too little to sing at the time of the video. His youngest is Laura Jean and Kathryn's age.

These boys have added a lot of "flavor" to the church in Springville!

Love you all so much! Enjoyed you all being here and Michael giving his testimony in Crosby.