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Thursday, December 16, 2010

What is truth? Do I really love it?

What is truth?  

If I reject believing something I suspect to be true but don't want it to be true, does that make what I want to be truth, truth?  The Bible says something about it is the honor of Kings to search out a matter. . . if we love HIS TRUTH, then we'll want to know the truth about our own lives, about our own leaders, about our own church. . .we'll face the truth about ourselves even when it makes us sick.  Have you ever had to do that. . .face the truth about what you did, or what your child did when you wanted it to be an untruth? You may have even hoped you'd never find out the truth because you were afraid to face it, yet deep inside you knew you'd never have peace in your heart until you let truth speak out. The Bible says if we believe a lie we'll be damned. . .but the truth sets us free.  I think this means more than just believing false doctrines, it also means failure to believe the truth about right and wrong in any important area of life will cause me to stay in bondage to the lie I'm believing.  I won't be able to overcome.

I think if we really love our kids. . .I mean really love them enough to want them to have eternal life and a chance to make the "bride of Christ". . .then we'll have to face the truth about their faults and we'll want to help them recognize they have to be truthful to ever gain the opportunity to live forever. I think the expression for this is "Come clean". We don't help our children when we enable them to believe a lie by protecting them from God's truth.  Truth is the only hope for our children.

Remember when Pilot asked Jesus, "What is truth?"  That wasn't a question he used making idle conversation. . . he was confused. . . he really didn't know.  The ungodly world is "serving" so many lies to our young people, they too will be confused if we don't "feed them a constant diet of truth".   I hope my children have acquired such a taste for truth that they will continue to hunger for it all the days of their lives.  Truth isn't "filler" food, it's real food.

If I want my kids to be honest. . .I must be honest.  If I am dishonest in only a few areas in
my life, then my kids and those I have influence on will think it is okay to be dishonest in a few areas.  They will get a false idea of what "TRUTH" is.  Real truth is not being honest 80% of the time  and dishonest 20%. . .it is being honest all the way through.  Jesus was truth. . .truth always stands up for righteousness. . .it doesn't take a day,  an hour or even a minute off to relax and let down.  Truth won't bow or compromise. . .it can't or it will lose its integrity.

I just want to appreciate truth. Even when I am wrong in my thinking, I want to recognize
truth, give it power over me and change my thinking.  No matter how much I want to be right in my "wrong thinking" it won't change the truth.  This world can say sodomy, adultery, fornication, rebellion and all sin is just a choice each person makes, there is no right or wrong. . .but I can never allow myself to believe it because it's a lie.  If thousands of people believe a lie, that doesn't make the lie truth. . .it only makes the lie more dangerous.

I just pray that I will find truth for all the areas of my life that are still hiding in the darkness of untruth.  Truth is a floodlight that gives us a clear vision of where we are, and an escape route to get us out of sin's snares to where we need to be.

Just my thoughts. . .it's what I've had on my mind for the past few months.  I know there are some things about which I, like Pilot, ask, "What is truth?"  I just want to be listening to that still small voice so I'll recognize truth when it gives me the answer.

Truth will be able to walk on water when everything else sinks.  krp

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