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Monday, January 17, 2011

My Jesse Frank

Look at this adorable guy. . .he's going to be a heart stealer, so watch out for your daughters. Those big brown eyes can just melt your heart.

 I just love it when Jesse gives me one of those strong hugs. . .and he gives really good ones.  I also love it when I smother his cheek with kisses on one side and then he points to the other side and says, "Again!" all the while he's laughing and squirming.

As long as he lets me love on him I'm going to take full advantage.I know it will only be a few years before he'll think he's too big for grandma to be loving on.  I want to enjoy every minute of "my time" with him.

What a climber this guy is.  Just like his daddy.
When Jesse was just beginning to walk he climbed up on the kitchen table and raced to the other end trying to get away from the girls. . .then  jumped off  breaking his arm.  You would think that would slow him down, but no, he just keeps on climbing and proving he's all boy. You should see him on the play set Tom made the kids! 

Jesse is sweet.  He is always trying to do kind things for Kimberly. 
He is gentle with Travis too.
The best men I know can be both "he men" and "gentle hearts". 
I just know the Lord has something special for Jesse Frank.
He has a wonderful heritage from his grand fathers
and great grandfathers on both sides of the family.
They are/were men of courage and conviction with servant's hearts.

Jesse reminds me of my brother, Jonathon. 
His eyes and build are a lot like Jon's when he was a kid.
Jon was big and strong, yet very tender hearted.

One more note: About Jesse's mom. . .now Becky can work like a horse.
She does lots of things that most of us wouldn't even try. . .like helping build a house from raw lumber. . .helping landscape the yard. . .  helping build and maintain a chicken coop. . .
 planting a garden. . .homeschooling the three girls while keeping track of a toddler.
She teaches her kids scriptures. . .and Bible stories. . .she listens to hours of piano practice.
This lady can climb any mountain . . .or play set. :-) 
 I couldn't resist showing you this picture of her agility.
She climbed right up that wall with the rope. . .that's something.
By the way, Stan did the same thing just a little later.

I am glad Stan found a wonderful girl like Becky to help him "Raise Peaches".
~Becky. . .If you want I'll take this picture off but you look so cute I just wanted to share it.~ 

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Becky said...

I wouldn't have atempted that in that skirt, but it was too tempting!