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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Amazing How God Talks To His People. . . Rachel

Little Rachel and Tommy Peach – about 1954
Isn't this an adorable picture of two little peaches.
Love that whole-hearted smile on Rachel's face.

I just wanted to note Rachel and I were talking the other day at church.
She was telling me about what the Lord had put on her mind the last couple of weeks. . .
And guess what it was. . .just what He's talking to me about!
Just what I'd posted a few days before on this blog site. . .
the rich young ruler.
She started telling me how she was impressed particularly about how Jesus loved him,
 how he wanted the young man to be saved. . .
but it was ultimately up to the young man.
I told her that was what I'd been thinking of for about the same time period.
It was exciting to me.
I realized that when God speaks to the hearts of those listening,
they will often hear the same message around the same time.

"Lord, I just want to thank you first of all for even talking to my heart.
There are so many others you could choose to talk to and others you do talk to. . .but you've chosen also to talk to me.
I want to listen closely to what you're telling me.
I know You are not like me. . .
you don't say things without a good reason.
I know you are making a point to me. . .if someone rejects you
. . .it's their decision.
You won't make us serve you. . .
you want us to do it because we love you.
Lord, I want to love you enough to lay every single thing you ask of me down. . .
I want to pick up the yoke you've placed upon my life. . .
I want you to direct my steps.
Lord, I want to remember you are right there with me. . .
  watching me. . . evaluating me
where ever I go. . .whatever I say. . .however I act.
Bless your holy name!
Thank you for considering me to work as a servant in your great house!"

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