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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

John Cooley. . .Sunshine in the heart

Stan and Sarah Peach, John Cooley and Danny Dacus at our house.

Yesterday was John Cooley's birthday. 
He was born just a few
days before Sarah Jean in 1974. . .his mother
and I both had the same good doctor, Lunin.
We went to the doctor together since it was all the way downtown in the medical towers.
Those were some fun times.
John would be  Mary's third child and Sarah, my first.
Our kids certainly had lots of fun together!
Coleen, Erin, John, Sarah and Stan spent lots of time
playing at one of our houses. . .usually mine since
Mary had a beauty shop.
I am so happy for John! And his parents too.
This year he has re-dedicated himself and his family
to the service of the Lord.
He spent time out "there" looking for something better
but the only real place he could find
that would satisfy that hunger in his soul was
in the house of the Lord.
God has been so good to give his whole family a desire
to work for the Lord. . .even the kids!

Robbie, Laura, William, Kenzie and George eating a snack while
waiting to board the church bus for
a Sunday School trip to  Moody Gardens.
He is married to a wonderful wife, Amy.
She is a joy to be around and a compliment to John's life.

Johnny's kids. . .William, Kenzie and Emmet 2011
Happy Birthday Johnny and Many More!

Janet, Karen and Denny Wirth about 1958.
I think Jesse looks a lot like his Uncle Denny in this picture.

I've been looking through some old pictures that Mom had. . .so many sweet memories.
When I saw this picture I could remember Mom would come into our room and pray with us before we went to sleep. 
We had a really neat white candle that looked like snow that she'd light. . .
coming back to blow it out after we were asleep.
In the mornings we'd wake up to the sun shining through our windows.
Sometimes Mom would come into the room singing "Let the Sunshine In"
 and we'd join in with happy smiling faces.
Then we'd lay there in bed and make our plans for the day. . . were we going to climb trees
or play cars driving around the tree roots out front. . .
hunt four leaf clovers in the grass. . .or Indian beads in the driveway. . .
or maybe we'd ride our stick horses with the neighbor kids in the vacant lot next door. . .
whatever we decided to do, we knew we'd have lots of fun.

I am so thankful for God giving me the wonderful brothers and  wonderful sister
that my parents added to my family.
I can never thank Him enough for the good marriage relationship my parents enjoyed. . .
the love they had for one another just spilled all over we kids.
After all these years we still are woven tightly in family love. . .
After all these years we are still praying together for each other
and for our children, their spouses and our grandchildren.
God is so good.

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