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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sophie's 4th Birthday. . .Maya celebrates too. . .2

I remember the day Janet called me at women's prayer meeting saying, "Come
quickly and take me to the hospital. . .the Doctor is putting Davita in
for an emergency C-section. . .she needs me now.!"
So, after quickly asking the women to pray, off I went.

Davita was glad to have her 2nd mom at her side before she went into
surgery. . .and Janet was the mother hen watching out for her girl.
Phillip showed up in time for the big event, worried for both wife and baby girl.
We were all very concerned since Sophie was coming a whole month early.
She was so tiny. . .so fragile. . .so loved. . .
Thank you Lord for making her whole.

Meanwhile, in the waiting room we had a collection of family members. . .
Great Grandpa John Henry, Grandpa Mike and Nana Bernita, Grandpa Sam
and myself. . .there may have been even more but my memory fails me.
So. . .we rejoice in the 4th birthday of this precious bundle from the Lord. . .
and in her little sister who is one cutie always "on the move".

Sophie Joice chowing down on her birthday cookie - especially made
by her mother - while Kara awaits her piece.

 Maya Lynn and Laura admiring Maya's birthday cookie. . .Maya's two years old.

It was a beautiful, picture perfect day at the park.
Phillip bought lots of pizza and Davita made the birthday monster cookies.

'How good and how pleasant it is for children to dwell in unity.'
Phillip Wyrick, Jon Bollier, Davita with camera, Sarah Hanna holding Travis.
Around the table: Laura, Maya, Sophie, Kara, George and Kimberly.

Kara, Sophie and Maya

Sarah holding Travis Hanna

Kimmie shows us she's two, too or maybe she's just showing off her iced fingers. . .so tasty!

Note: This was a party in November 2011, but I am just very s-l-o-w at getting everything posted.

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