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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Doug come's to town for quick visit. . .Jilly and Daniel get the Holy Ghost

Chad tries to lift the Commandments by his own strength for VBS program. . .but it will take God to help him. :_)

Jilly got the Holy Ghost on Wednesday of the VBS here in Humble. . .Daniel got the Holy Ghost on Friday at the VBS in Louisville, Kentucky at Bro. Jesse Urbano's church.

Kathryn, Jaida, Erica and Christi got really good blessings too.
Sophie, George and Laura went up front and prayed some. . .
and Maya and Kimberly always want to "see" what's going on.
I think the lesson high-light of the week was Brett and Joanie's. . .lots of talk about it afterwards. . .good talk.
Isn't God good to give us so many blessings!
Doug runs out to Stan's new house and takes a spin in the Gator to see the property and meet some neighbors.
Doug, Jesse, Kathryn and Stan
Doug came by to see us -with Joe and Bucky- for a couple
of days this week.
It was a neat week with VBS going on here in town.
Joe and Bucky were allowed to attend the two days they were here.
Bro. Allen almost sent them home form the practice Friday,
but later called back to say they could stay.
(They wouldn't be here for the program but they would have liked to be.)
Bucky wanted to go and learn the songs. . .so did Joe.
He was so afraid they'd cancel VBS because of the rain and
flooding. . . He said, "If I was the preacher I'd never
cancel Bible School for a flood. . . Never."
They both LOVE music and singing as it is a
focal point in their family, so they loved just getting
to sing with the others at practice and learning the songs.
Daniel, the third born was in Kentucky at the VBS there
in Louisville.  He went there with his mom while
1st born Paul went to the other church's Youth Meeting.
Rachel was there with them so she could watch out for
Paul while she visited family.
Doug was on his way to stand up with Michael Koonce
in his wedding tonight.

Here are a few pictures from VBS.
Jaida is praying surrounded by Rosie, Jilly, Laura, and friends.  Lots of helpers too.

 Bucky in yellow shirt, Caleb in blue shirt. . .not sure who all these kids are.

Brice's song, Robby, Allen Jr.

Denise Odom, Gary Orr, Dennis Wirth, New Brother Doug Stephens, Michelle Wirth
Davita, Janet, Heather, LaVania Bollier and son.

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