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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Lost (but found) pic's of Memorial Day Fish Fry found. . .

Yes, this is some of the BEST FISH you’ll ever find anywhere!
No bones. . .clean and white meat. . .seasoned just right.
Last year, then again this year Denny caught up a big batch of fish for a big fry at our place.
He does all the frying with the help of some of the men standing by. 
They do the tasting and running to the table with new batches of fish.
This year he also threw in some chicken and fries to boot.
Denny likes to include different people each year.
He invites whoever the Lord puts on his heart.
He wishes he could invite all our friends, but it is just too
hard to get enough fish for that many folks. . .and enough room. . .
We do a few different people each year. . .so if you didn't get
an invite yet, hold on. . .maybe next year. . .
This year there were 100 folks there counting kids and adults.
We had a great time and the food was excellent.
Different ones brought side dishes, drinks, watermelon,cantaloupe,    Drinks, homemade ice-cream, desserts. . .
We were loaded!
I didn't remember to take a photo until most of the food was gone. . .but it was beautiful before.
Janet's zucchini casserole always is gone in a flash. . .as seen below. . .

The kids had fun playing on Tom’s Grandkid’s play set – one of a kind!
The adults played corn hole and some did music while others just sat around eating and visiting.
Here are the pictures.  I thought I’d lost them but found them yesterday
So I am posting them today.
Sis. with Root family, Janet, Gayle, Sis. Mae and Sis. Partrick

Sis. Orand

Brenda Riley and Becky

Janet, Gayle, Sis. Mae Dunevant and Sis. Patrick

Carolina, Ginger, Not sure?, Audrey, Kimberly Jo

One of the Wright girls. . . riding like the wind.

Summer, Kimmie, Brooklyn, Sheryl M, Michelle, Averi, Robin, Christy, Rachel, Kathy M.
Ashley and Brayden

Doug Wirth and Chris Orta playing corn hole. . . top of Tom's head in picture.

Gail Riley, Tom, Bro. Gary Wright and Bro. Les Modisette

Brooklyn, Ginger and James

Cheryl, Jaida, Averi, Erica, Brooklyn, Robin, Christi, Rachel, Ashley
with Braden and Christopher in playpen.

Troy Grundy, Doug With wih the Jarneke's - father and son.

Sis. Rosie Martin, Sis. Marion Wright and Sis. Dee Tibbits

The main man- Denny Wirth, with Bro. and Sis. Nate Patrick,
Bro. Gary Linder, Alyson, Bro. Theodore  Dunevant and Sis Gayle and
Bro. Truesdale

Chris and Doug in background with Sis. Ward, Kim Franklin, Ginger at the table.

Tom and Bro. Les enjoying playing some music.

Chad Hanna in backgound playing Corn hole with
Sis. Mae and Bro. Truesdale at the table.

Summer, Sis. Orand, Sis. Martin, Linda Root and Friend

Rachel Wirth at the ice-cream table with Cheryl McMullen

Gian fan (Sis. Orand let us use) to cool us as we sat in the outside area and kids played on roped off driveway.

Linda, Randy Root and Larry Vance

Darlena, Sandra &Weldon Bollier and Bro. Martin enjoy some inside shop cooler air.

Bro. Joe Tibbits relaxes in shop.


By the end of the day, these poor kids were beat! Folks left at all different times but most stayed until about 8 p.m. . . .
a few stayed until around 10:30. 
It was a very good day and I'm thankful to the Lord for giving us a place to host His dear people.

He that hath friends must first show himself friendly. . .Proverbs

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