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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Just sorting through my thoughts and values. . .

Lately I've been thinking. . .
Isn't it odd how so many people who wouldn't even consider trying to home school - even at the high risk of allowing the schools to pollute their children's impressionable minds. . .
 would want to be the ones doing the teaching when it comes to church activities. 
They feel they aren't qualified to teach their own children by their "own" confessions. . .
yet feel they are fully qualified to teach other people's children. . .
and not just reading, writing and arithmetic but something even greater. . .godliness.
Some things are just hard to understand. . .
do they really feel incompetent to  teach in their homes. . .
or do they just desire to send their
children off to the system and it's doctrines. . .
for more "free from kids" time. . .?
Maybe they are just afraid?
 Maybe they feel like they want their child to accepted by the world?
Maybe it's just more fun to teach a crowd than a handful at home?
Do they really have what it takes mentally to train their own kids yet just not want to do something "behind the scenes" where no one really "sees" their good works excepting their children, 
their husband and the Lord. 
I know some of these women are very qualified to teach
and they do teach their kids values. . .
yet they send them off to public schools where they are taught evil concepts. . .
so truth is like a teeter-totter in the mind of the child.
Mom says this but she sends me off to my teacher who says this. . .
What is truth?
Your children and your husband may never realize
all the hard work and love that goes into being a home teacher, mother, wife, servant of the Lord, Christian 24/7 but the Lord does! 
He keeps really good records and you will be rewarded if you faint not.
If we do something or fail to do something based on our own selfish desires we will reap selfish corruption. . .
we won't be needed in a new heaven or a new earth.
No one will be needed to serve selfish motives in heaven. . .
or to feed their own belly.
God wants and needs people who, like Jesus, are willing to lay down their own lives so that others can be saved. . .
First lay down having your own way right there inside your personal area of responsibility, the home. . .
then after you master the inside you can move outside the home
and really become a blessing to others at church or in public.
Do people admire you because you have a position?
Or because you bear fruit of righteousness?
Or both?
Think about it. . .would I rather have God's approval or man's?
Who am I living my life for?
God holds me responsible for my children. . .and also for all those I have influence with.
It's important I take His calling seriously if I want His approval.
If I can't be a good daughter,
then I'll have a hard time being a good wife.
If I can't be a good wife,
then I'll have a hard time being a good mother.
If I can't be a good mother
then I'll have a hard time being a good Christian.
If I can't be a good Christian
then I'll have a hard time bearing enough fruit
to feed to others. . .it just keeps snowballing. . .so I need to focus on my calling.
I am called to be an example of a godly wife, mother and grandmother.
I am called to love my children. . .and to love your children.
Although it is my job to train up my children, . .it is also my job to love and pray for your children. . .and for you.
These are just scattered thoughts going through my mind.
I want to be faithful in my calling. . .and not give up!
I don't want to "hand" my children over to the vain philosophies of this world.

My children are grown, but I can still have influence with my them.
I can still "hold fast" to the truths I've found and continue to speak truth even when it costs me a cold shoulder.
I really want to be like Jesus. . .Sometimes. . .but at other times I just want to be like me. . .
like me, the "old carnal minded" person that I am.
I just need to check what is motivating me to do what I do. . .
is it God? or is it just my own desires? 
or could it be for position? or praise?
If we have the opportunity to be the ones to plant seeds of truth into our children's heads. . .let's not hand them over to those who really don't care. . . 
those who just want a pay check.  We can do better than that!
We can teach them values so they will have a job even after this life is over.
Job security begins in the home.
Jesus will help us do our part if we let Him.
Help us Lord!

Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting" (Gal. 6:7-8).

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