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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

An Old friend comes home for a visit and some cute pics. . .

Old friends, Eric and Tom Filban touch our lives again. Here they are with Tom after church.
Eric stayed with us one summer in about 1972  or 73.
Denny and Janet lived with us at that time.
It was an exciting year.  Freida Neptune was with us that summer too.
Both these kids folks were out working for the Lord in little churches across Texas and Arkansas?
Now Eric lives in Japan and has a wife.  They lost a child last year before it came to full term.
Eric is a very sweet young man and we were very happy to see him again.
He is a great artist and does work for the very, very wealthy because he's worth what they pay.
Now we have someone in Japan who loves us!  Isn't that great.

Eden - Silas and the bottom picture of Levi.  Emily and Josh's beautiful kids.

Kimmie Jo with George in the background at Papaw's shop.
George with his Patch below.

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