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Friday, December 7, 2012

More pictures of trip to Mt. Carmel in Nov 2012, , ,hiking. . .wedding

It’s a long way from Texas to Illinois. . .so Jilly and Kathryn decided to take
a horse the final distance (from Boomland) but the horse

 Kathryn, not one to give up easily decided to take the wagon. . .
but these horses seemed to be stationary.

Papaw takes the kids to Devils Rock down by the Bluff.
It was pretty cold and our girls loved hiking through the
woods with their cousins and finding old "junk" along
the way. . .you know how Papaw likes old relics.


Imagine finding this old shed in the woods.

Denny is ready to explore. . .just waiting on Uncle Tom and
the girls to get out of the van.

Not much inside, just old shack with some oil well tools inside.
Hannah, Jilly, Kathryn, Brooklyn, Papaw and Lil Denny all
come back to Grandma waiting in the van.


Papaw takes a little longer getting out of the forest but the kids
make sure he can get through!
More pictures from Abby's wedding. . .of folks who attended.

My cousins, Ron and Tommy Joe Hoffman.
Ron was in the Navy for years. . .he and I had so  much fun on his farm as kids. . .they let me drive the tractor one year because they were shot-handed on men to put up the hay. . .so Ron and Tom gave me a one day lesson.  I was just a kid and I didn't know how to do anything except go forward and steer. 
I almost ran over one of the helpers because I didn't know where to go with all
the bales around and me not knowing how to stop it.
We had so much fun riding the "pulley" from the top of the garage to the roof below.
We played "Rescue 8". . .it was an old TV show when I was about eight.
Tommy is battling bladder cancer and would appreciate your prayers.
He's had some very rough times but stays full of smiles for others.
That's "skinny" Denny and Michelle in the background.

This is Tommy Joe's grandson, Austin with Brooklyn at the wedding.
They had never met one another before but found they had a good
time talking to one another. Austin is a very sweet boy.
Austin lost his mother, Tommy Joe's daughter, Shelly last year.
She was in Tom and my wedding as flower girl with Doug and Jon as
ring bearers.  Shelly was still young and full of life when she
had a massive stroke/heart attack from which she never


Uncle David, Mom's baby brother, holds Jon Wayne Wirth.
Uncle David is a good brother. . .he came to see/check on Mom and Daddy
almost everyday those last few years.  He really cared about them.
He would listen to "I've Had A Wonderful Life" with
Mom and I. . .and he'd cry as he felt the Lord.  Sweet.
You can see Emily's little boy, Silas with Ashton Henson in background.


Andrew gets a hug from Aunt Jane. 
You can see Josh Dillinger, Gelina, Tory, Lil Denny and others in background.
Aunt Betty, another favorite of all the kids with her daughter, Angie Cropper. . .one of my favorite cousins.
Aunt Betty would load up all the kids, from my age down to Kristen and Ashley's age through the years and take them out to see the pigs.
She'd honk her horn and they'd all take off running and we loved it!
Pray for her, she just had a hip replacement this week. . .she is mother's sister.
I loved doing things with Angie and playing in her back yard
on those big concrete culverts at the base of the sledding hill.
I also love their Christmas tree with it's bird ornamnets and the ones that had the heated fluid that would bubble.

The wedding party table with red-head Emily Grace up front. 
You can see Brenda, Abby's mother standing at the back of the table talking
to Wesley Stowe,  Duke and Christina are also there.


Grandpa Reuben Stence plays with Silas and Grandma Gracie chats with
Aunt Jane.

Kaitlyn McClenaghan and Dane Stallings sit together with one of his siblings.
You can see some of the Wirth family in the background.
Sis Ruthie Henson holding John's baby boy, her great grandson. 

Here's John Boy Henson at the church above and out in the woods with his buck below.  Nice catch. 

That's all for now folks.


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