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Friday, May 10, 2013

Happy Anniversary! Stanley and Becky - Denny and Michelle

They tried to hold him back but he had found what he was looking for!
Congratulations Stan and Becky!
The newly wed Mr. & Mrs.

It's a wonderful thing to see marriages last through the years.
Seems like only yesterday Stan brought home that beautiful heart shaped diamond
ring and showed it to me.
He was going to give it to Becky after he watched her and waited for the right time.
He wanted to make sure she would be the kind of wife he was looking for
to raise his children.
She fit the bill and several months later, at Uncle Donnie and Aunt Nancy's Thanksgiving
Day dinner for the Peach family, he went down on bended knee and asked her
to "trust me with your heart. . .I'll guard it with my life".
She said, "You've got it!" and eighteen years later he's still guarding
her heart. . .she's still making his house a home.
They have five children and lots of love to share with one another.
Isn't God good!
One more note. . .
Denny and Michelle are also celebrating their anniversary!
I'm not sure the number of years but close to 31 or 32 years.
God has allowed their marraige to bloom into a thing of beauty.
Congratulations Denny and Michelle!
Thank you all for staying together and allowing the Lord to be honored by your testimonies.
Two couples the Lord can use to give light in the darkness.

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