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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Emily Jane stays with us. . .alone. . .without her siblings!

What a doll!  That little outfit she's wearing has been in our family since Brooklyn.
It stays at my house and each of my little girls have taken their turn wearing it.
Yes, I'm sentimental.

Here Emily's holding a picture of Becky, her mother, close to her heart.
She didn't cry for her but when she found this picture she picked
it up and carried it around with her while she played.
She would look at the picture and "jabber" to her mother.
It was really sweet.

All dressed up for Sunday morning service, Mother's day.

Now you can't get more precious than this. . .she loves that pacifier. . .and it does keep her quiet in church.

When we cleaned Emily up for Saturday night church service she enjoyed
seeing herself in the mirror.
Emily took good care of "her baby" and she loved being able to sit on the stool with her feet touching the floor.

What a great time we had taking care of Emily Jane!
She is such a good baby.
If you know anything at all about Becky, you will realize this was quite a blessing. . .she just
won't hardly leave her kids. . .and especially her baby.
It's not that she doesn't trust us. . .it's just that she likes to have the kids close by her. . .the "mother hen" watching for her little ones.
I think this was the first time Emily ever spent the night away from her whole family.
She's stayed away from mom with Brooklyn, Jilly, Kathryn and Jesse there with her. . .but this was a solo stay.
We got to know her so much better having her for two nights and three days.
She got all of our attention and we got hers.
It was fun hearing her singing in the car when we'd be riding to church. . .
to see her dancing in the aisle to the music with her baby doll in one hand and her other in the air praising the Lord.
It was great feeling her little arms around our neck. . .
even when she would pull a strand of my hair and wrap it around her little fingers in the night to make sure I was
beside her.
Precious times. . .times to treasure.
Sunday evening we gave her to her other grandparents, Cecil and Vicki.. They took her back home
 to reunite with the returning family.  She loves her Gram and Pap too!


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