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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Talk about a quick "turn around" time. . .Greg got to come home today!

Can you believe it?  Greg Martin went into the hospital on Saturday. . .
found out he had a brain tumor on Sunday. . .
Was transferred from Kingwood hospital on Monday. . .
To St. Joseph's Monday evening. . .
Tuesday morning we were all there bright and early because they did surgery before noon. . .
Tuesday evening he was doing great in recovery. . .they told us he'd be three days in ICU
and then five more days in the hospital if all went well. . .
Wednesday they had him up and walking. . .
Thursday he was doing so well the doctor said he was going to let him go home. . .
Friday - the day he should have been getting out of ICU - Greg hopped in the car
and headed home.
He was teasing the nurse before surgery about getting his head shaved. . .
told her he always thought he'd be better looking than Yul Brynner.
He had all the nurses and doctors getting a kick out of his banter.
I told him they'd be fighting over who got to take care of him.
He for sure was a fun patient.
Rachel, the love of Greg's life, is a constant. . .they are one. . .she shares his heart.
Greg's kids have all been right there helping their folks.
Eric is very protective of his "dear old dad". . .there is a very strong bond of love there.
Joanie and Bethany are right there helping too. . .a strong support network of love.
Robin is always doing cleaning, cooking, whatever she can to help.  She loves this family.
Brett is watching their two older boys at home so Joanie can be here. . .he'd like to be here too. 
Ray has been running back and forth to pick up people or things needed.
All the "GRANDkids" have added life and laughter to this trial of faith.
Grandma and Grandpa Martin were right there to watch over their boy.
His sister, Missy, flew in to be there the day of surgery.
John Peach came down from Mt. Carmel to be here to see Greg and let him know he's loved.
Rachel's family, Greg's in-laws, church family, friends from work,
calls from all across the country and even Hawaii. . .just everywhere people
love Greg Martin and have been holding him up in prayer.

"God, we just want you to know we appreciate the personality you placed in Greg Martin's life.
We thank you for all the times he blesses us with his humor.
We thank you for all the times he blesses us with the songs he gets while he is listening to your voice
speaking to his heart.
Lord, thank you for all the times Greg has worked with young people at the church.
Thank you for the times he helped teach the band in Porter. . .
for all the youth trips he was willing to head up.
Lord, thank you for letting us enjoy life together all these years. . .
and thank you for all the years you've still got planned for us to work together in your
Help us to appreciate every single day you give us. . .we are so blessed!
God, I pray you will help each of Greg and Rachel's kids, their spouses, and grand kids to catch
firm hold of the great vision of the Body of Christ.
  Rachel and Greg have given their whole lives in service to the Lord.
They have been willing workers when they were young teens. . .
when they were newly weds. . .
when they were young parents. . .
when they were new grand-parents. . .
and now, ten grand kids later, they are ready to retire  but they are still giving you service.
God, I pray you will give them many more happy years in your service.
Please allow them to "see" Eric, Joanie and Bethany all giving themselves to you without
reservation.. . .
God, we know your plan is better than our plan. . .so we are going to
"see" what you have in store for tomorrow.
Help Greg and Rachel do more for you than ever.
Help them to be bold in their witness for you.  Help them to stand stronger in the faith than ever.
Lord, help them to have victory in this trial. . .make it a blessing.
God, we know that somehow, you WILL make a way".
Bye the way. . .we had a good time at their home this evening.
We fixed a couple of pots of soup and made some really good desserts.
After we finished eating we sat around singing songs and feeling the Lord.
Later Tom and Greg  sang old songs from
our youth. . .and Rachel too.   It was a fun time together.
We are family.
Here's the nice, clean incision.  Looks like his doctor is pretty skilled with needle work. . .
nice, even stitches. Please pray for Greg as he begins radiation treatments.
There's a race that he must run. . .there are victories to be won!

Jesus will help us. . .if we let Him. . .and we are going to let Him.

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