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Monday, May 13, 2013

Please Pray for Melvin "Greg"ory Martin. . .

Greg Martin. . .a man of God. . .worthy of our prayers.

Our family just found out (Saturday) our dear brother, Greg, has a brain lesion / tumor about the size of a Lima bean.
It has been causing him to have lots of problems with stroke -like symptoms.
They have been doing lots of testing to determine if this is the only problem or if it is part of a more exensive problem.
The doctors are giving him meds to reduce the inflammation around the tumor, which is causing the symptoms he's experiencing.
The doctors want to do surgery on him this week. . .but Rachel and Greg are going to have him transferred to
another hospital downtown if possible.
They would like to use the same doctor, Murphey, that did Darlena's surgery.

Please pray for Greg, Rachel, Eric, Joanie and Bethany and their families especially. . .
There are so many decisions to make and they want to make the best ones.

Greg has written many beautiful songs for God's people to enjoy. . .he sings really well. . .plays the trumpet in the church band. . .Greg can give excellent edifying talks and even some preaching when the Lord
kicks him in gear. . .through the years Greg and Rachel helped head up the Porter Hee-Haw that Bro. Patton
and Bro. George Wright loved so much. . .they are just good workers in God's kingdom.
The Friday before Greg went into the hospital they'd just returned from the Gospel of the Kingdom work week.
Greg is the life of the party type guy. . .everyone loves to hear him tell stories about anything because
he just has a way with words. . .he brings laughter to the table. . .we love him.

Please join us in prayer!

This is the younger version of Rachel and Greg Martin. . .they are loved by all.

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