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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Ethan shares his message. . .This picture tells his story,


What a doll. . .Ethan Brown

Just had Stacey on my mind the other day. . .
so I sent her an email requesting pictures
of Ethan.  I hadn't seen him for a l-o-n-g time and
knew he would be getting big.
I was thinking about her wanting another baby
several months back. . .
I get the return email from Stacey with the pictures shown here. . .
"BIG BRO" ?  Yes, she's expecting!
Looks like Ethan is almost too big for
the stroller and will be letting someone
else take a ride.
Congratulations Steve and Stacey!
We love you and are excited for you.
Stacey is bound to the heart of our family
forever! . . . and the Callaway family too.

Still the baby. . .making the most of a free ride before he loses his seat.


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