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Monday, July 15, 2013

Jesse turns five! Two new Holy Ghost Babies. . .my thoughts

Jesse Frank turned "five" on July 2, 2013.
Here he and George Thomas get ready to eat
the "Ginger (really brownie) Bread" Cake.

They also made a really neat push car (below) with
PaPaw. . .a fun filled day for us all.
PaPaw designed this car all by himself with Grandma giving a few
suggestions. . . but he was the creator.
They didn't get it completed that day but they were able to play
on it a bit. . .PaPaw put the push bar and steering handle
on later that week. . .and did the fancy paint and lettering job.


Two Brand New "Babies" Born this Week!
Baptized in the Holy Ghost
Bucky got it July 6, 2013
Kathryn got it July 9, 2013
She is learning to play the guitar with Papaw's help.
Our family would appreciate your prayers for
*Greg  & Rachel Martin and family. . .
*Darlena Williams and her family. . .
*Reuben & Gracie Stence and their family. . .
(Reuban is Brenda Wirth's Daddy.)
They all have very serious health conditions
but we know we can find VICTORY in
any situation through Jesus.
Faith = Choosing to walk in VICTORY no matter how God answers my prayer. Not trying to "box God in" to a certain answer but allowing him the freedom to answer according to his will, not mine. Agreeing with the Lord even when He says "NO, NOT NOW or WAIT" to what I think I need.  krp

Seems like we feel discouraged, like we've lost the victory when we try to tell God "the correct answer" as to how HE should solve our problem. . .and

then if that isn't his will, we feel like we've lost a battle because we put "our faith" in our own desired answer rather than having allowed

God to answer our prayer in his own way. True faith is to have our faith so fixed in him that regardless of his answer, we still have victory. . .even

in death. . .or sorrow. . .or sickness. . . 
I know I'm not "there" completely, but that is my desire.
I was thinking. . .we are to be soldiers for the Lord.
As soldiers life isn't really plush and comfortable but it's one mostly
on the battlefield. . .fighting the enemy. . .watching and guarding . . .
and then after the battle is won there's a time
of victory celebration, then off to another battlefield. . .
and again after victory. . .another battlefield. . .
Until we finally win every battle and we are promoted to a new station. . .
a mansion. . .a house eternal where we can live forever celebrating our
overcoming victory
and working with the Captain of our Salvation.

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